Ready Mix Mortar And Plaster Sand

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Ready Mix Mortar And Plaster Sand, Ready Mix Dry Mortar Plants and our setup is situated in Satara, Maharashtra, India.

This is totally new concept of using sand in construction. Day by day the sand is becoming scares and very costly. This plant has following advantages,

  • Low machinery cost ranging from 2 lacks to 50 lacks as per production capacity required.
  • The sand is washed and cleaned before mixing, which gives maximum strength with minimum quantity of cement.
  • No crack developments in plaster, which will avoid leakage and dampness in walls.
  • No wastage of costly sand in sieving, which ultimately saves a lot of cost.
  • Since it is screened for proper gradiation and washed before mixing, the best quality is assured, which will give very smooth, plaster. leveled excellent quality
  • Due to controlled factory mix design the quality of product is consistence.
  • Exact quantity required can be purchased to avoid excess stocking. Most of the time sand is delivered at night times. It is very difficult to keep control on quantity received.
  • With few Chemical additions, plaster and mortar without water curing is also possible.
  • With uniform mortar thickness the wall construction becomes sturdy, well in line level. It will save lot on sand quantity as well cost.
  • Since it is a factory made product, availability over the complete year is there.

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